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Take your lighting plans into the great outdoors with some outdoor LED lighting from ArcLED. Our range of lights features all kinds of fixtures and fittings that can lend themselves to use in your garden and outdoor spaces. It’s all too easy to install lighting in your decking and patio areas or even around key features and outdoor focal points. If you have outdoor structures like a shed, pergola or fencing, it’s now possible to brighten these up with our outside LED lights.  

Come and take a closer look at our range to start planning ways you can feature LED lights in your garden. The primary feature of these lights is that they are waterproofed exterior LED lights. With the IP65 rating you can know that the lighting is suitable for use in damp and wet areas. We all know that moisture and LED lighting do not mix well, so make sure to buy lights that are able to withstand the wear and tear of being outdoors! With our range from ArcLED you can be sure that you are buying products that are up to the task of being reliable outdoor LED spotlights

With everything from spotlights, spike mounted lighting and even floodlights – our ArcLED products cover all kinds of needs and can help you to accomplish all kinds of lighting plans and ideas. 

Our Garden LED Lighting Supplies

If you’ve been considering installing LED garden lighting into your outdoor space, then you’ve come to the right online store. We’ve made sure to have a variety of products ready for you to make your plans come to life. There are many ways you can brighten up your garden, and with lights such as ours, you’ll be able to try all kinds of garden lighting LED options. Here are just some of the ways we think would be best to use our LED lighting: 

  • LED Decking Light – we have seen many customers enjoy using our products for LED deck lighting. Often the main feature of a garden, deck lights are a popular pick as they can further show off just how good the decking looks! With their often being void space available, it’s easy to install the lights and wiring under the floor. In our range, you’ll be delighted to find that there are all kinds of lights suited for decked areas.
  • LED Outside Wall Lights - lighting up seating areas and outdoor walkways is a must-have if you love spending time in your garden. Easily illuminate these areas to not only make them look good but to keep them well-lit and safe to navigate through after hours. Wall lights can be easy to install due to exterior walls often having a deeper void through which the wiring can be fed.
  • LED Upwards Marker Lights - sprawling pathways or new features can always be improved with upwards lighting. They are sure to add some more emphasis to your favourite spots in the garden! Made from high-quality aluminium, these lights will not only look good but are sure to stand the test of time – whatever the weather! 

We’re sure you’ll be able to find something to suit all of your outdoor lighting needs. Some products, such as our surface mounted spotlights are perfect for creating impressive and bold beams of light. You can opt for single colour spotlights, or something a little more colourful with some multicoloured outdoor LEDs. You’ll be pleased to know that our white lights often with the options to choose between different light temperatures. This means you can choose warm, light or natural light temperatures. 

As well as the lights themselves, you will be able to find all kinds of LED outdoor accessories in our collection. If you have a larger garden or broader outdoor space, you’ll be wanting a way to remotely control the lights themselves. Instead of outdoor light switches, you should take a look at the controllers we have available. Controllers for outdoor lighting are sure to save hassle when it comes to taking full control. Here are some of the best ways you can control your LED lighting setups. 

  • Multi Zone LED Controllers – perfect for larger areas and different lighting setups. Take full control with remotes that allow for you to control everything from colour saturation to speed of light change. If there’s a specific lighting colour or sequence you love, then some remotes allow you to save your preferences so your lights can look the very best each time you use them.
  • WiFi LED Controllers – wireless LED controllers can certainly ease the process of light control. This type of controller makes it possible to manage the lights from your phone! Simply install an easy-to-use app alongside the installation of a receiver and you’re good to go! Paired with a receiver you’ll be able to control lights in all corners of your garden.  

Exterior LED Lighting from ArcLED 

If you’re wondering how you can best integrate LED lighting into your garden space; then rest assured we can help you with some of our own garden LED lighting ideas. Our social media accounts and dedicated blog is full of bespoke LED lighting ideas. As well as posting plenty of ideas for bespoke LED lighting setups in your garden, you’ll be able to see all kinds of successes and finishing effects previous customers have enjoyed through shopping at ArcLED. There’s no better way to experience our outdoor LED flood lighting than to see it in action! 

Of course, installing LED lighting outside can sometimes seem a daunting task. You can be assured that the products themselves are ready and suitable for use. However, if you have any more queries and/or worries about the installation of these lights then we invite you to drop us a message. With plenty of lighting experience and know-how (both inside and out), we’ll be able to point you in the right direction when it comes to the installation of everything from deck lighting LED to outside wall lighting. Contact us via our dedicated support page for more advice and information.