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Looking to work in some more Lutron Vive into your life? This incredibly expansive lighting control solution has been utilised everywhere from large office spaces to domestic settings across the home. The range comprises of a variety of wireless products that all work together to produce a seamlessly efficient and streamlined control system for all kinds of lighting. It’s wireless all the way when it comes to these products which allow you to fully configure your settings and the look of your space. Here's everything you need to know about the Lutron Vive lighting products available at ArcLED.

We’re here to provide you with some of the best and technical lighting solutions on the market and these products here are no exception. We want you to treat this as your online Lutron Vive brochure as you search for all the products that you’ll need to make your Lutron plans come into full effect! You can be sure that we’ll have all the selection and products you need to get started. Let us at ArcLED help you build your full lighting kit and pave your way to Lutron Vive lighting success.

Lutron Vive from ArcLED

We brought together some of the best products and brands from around the web and the Lutron Vive brand is no exception. Comprising of products suited to both lighting and blind control, its fair to say that these products have taken all kinds of light into consideration when it comes to planning your space. Rather than enduring a clash between natural lighting and your regular lighting (or LED) you can get the balance of both worlds with the ability to control the light from your Lutron Vive. 

You’ll see all kinds of Lutron Vive controllers when looking around this section of the website. These can come in form of wall switches or handheld controllers. These can help you to quickly navigate between your favourite scenes or to flick between different settings to choose the perfect atmosphere for your space. Many of these settings can be set and controlled directly from the Lutron app, but it’s sometimes quicker and easy to have a wall mounted switch or controller to get your hands on. There are so many Lutron Pico controllers available that you’ll be spoiled for choice!

A lot of the Lutron setup wouldn’t be possible with the wizardry of the Lutron Hub. It connects all the products together including essential products such as the Lutron Vive dimmers we have available. The hub talks to all the other devices in the system to help you control your lighting and blinds all from one central controller. You’ll find hubs within our range that can support up to 75 different devices across spans of 22 metres. These impressive stat lines can make the hubs a great addition to a large variety of locations of all shapes and sizes making its use highly flexible. 

The highest benefit we can think of alongside the controller’s ability is the simple installation and setup. Forget about long lengths of wires and installation fixtures into the walls and ceiling. The simplistic and streamlined system makes it so you only need to ensure power sources for some of the key components. Gone are the days of complicated and over-the-top installations, especially when it comes to the magic provided by Lutron Vive.

Lutron Vive Installation Guide

Unlike many older lighting systems that you may have been in contact with, the Lutron Vive you’ll be set up in no time. It’s a smart lighting system for the modern age with all the different kinds of connectivity that you could ask for or need. The main setup you’ll have to do is to connect your device to the central hub. The hub acts as a central point between the controller and the other Lutron devices that you’ve chosen to install. Through simple wireless connectivity setup, the devices will all speak to each due to the connectivity of your phone or smart device. To get started, you’ll first need to get yourself signed up with the Lutron app and get your Lutron account ready to go. 

If you’re looking to download Lutron Vive onto your smartphone or other devices, then you’ll be able to find it on every major app store such as Google Play or Apple App Store. You’ll find that the app is compatible with plenty of device types so can be sure that there are no issues when it comes to getting started with the app. Once you’ve downloaded the app, the simple setup ensures that you can quickly connect to your Lutron Vive hub – make sure both are connected to the same network! Whilst there are some flashing lights on the hub to notify connectivity, everything else is controlled through the app. After initial setup, you’ll find the app to be very simple to use with no guidance!

We’re sure you’ll have little to no issues when it comes to installing your own Lutron Vive system. The whole thing is designed to be an almost plug in and play experience that users of all technical proficiencies will be able to grasp without issue. However, if you do need some extra support or guidance with your Lutron lighting installation then we at ArcLED would be more than happy to help. We’ve got a fantastic team who have a wealth of experience when it comes to lighting and LED products. Drop us a message through our Contact Us form to get in touch with our team.

If you’re interested in looking at some of the other products, we have available from the Lutron range then we certainly recommend checking out the main Lutron section or visiting the Lutron RA2 products to see just how much further you can extend your smart lighting and wireless lighting control. You’re in safe hands when you shop Lutron and even safer hands when you shop online with us at ArcLED. Please enjoy our range of Lutron Vive lighting products – happy shopping!