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Don’t forget to add neon flex accessories to your next order of LED lights. These handy add-on products make installation easier and also ensure that your light strips stay in play. Although these are cheap LED accessories you can be assured that they are high-quality products which are ready to serve their purpose. When shopping for your accessories, you should note the type of LED neon flex product you are buying. Whether the tape is side or top bend could determine not only how you install the lights but will have a bearing on which accessories you need to buy.

LED neon flex lighting is a popular pick of light type mainly due to its vibrant visual look and clean light output. The continuous run of colour is similar to that of regular neon lighting which is how this lighting tape earned its name. This lighting type can be used in a variety of installations; all of which require the correct know-how on fitting as well as the accessories to match. 

LED Neon Flex Clips

These simple, fitted clips are designed to snugly hold the LED lights in place. The LED light clips are made to correctly fit around the neon flex light tape we have available. Carefully attach the clips with the provided screws to the surface in which you intend to display the lighting on. We have two different styles of neon flex clips which are listed below:

  • LED Pressure Clips – these clear plastic clips sit around the neon flex tubing and can be installed with the screws provided. This allows for a more subtle installation as the clips are less visible and noticeable to the eye – especially when the lights are fully installed and turned on!
  • LED Bottom Clips – these clips differ slightly as they need to be screwed through the base instead of on mini tabs. This also promotes subtly as you will be unable to see the screws once the lighting has been installed. 

Another differing factor of these clips is that they are suited differently to the two kinds of flex lighting we have available. Here is a little more information on those types and how the clip works with them:

  • Top Bend Installation Clips – these clips have a wider width to allow for the top bend tape to fit correctly. By installing them longways, the clip does not obstruct the beam of light, which is positioned on top of the bend so the light can radiate outwards across the installed surface.
  • Side Bend Installation Clips – the slightly thinner profile on these clips allow for the side bend lights to fit neatly inside them. Side bend lighting features the LED bulbs away from the surface on which the lights have been installed. 

Our primary advice with the products here is to ensure you’re buying lighting accessories for the correct bend. If you’re interested, you can find out more about Top Bend Neon Flex and Side Bend Neon Flex lighting on their respective section pages. Click the links provided to see the relevant products and find out even more about them. As well as showing you all of the LED neon flex extras we have available we have provided a wealth of information on how to best select, style and install this unique lighting type.

Neon Flex Wiring & Connectors

The simple Neon flex connectors we have available are simple tools which make it simple for you to hook up your lights to some power! In most cases, the lighting strips will need to be connected manually to an LED driver or a suitable controlled power source. Remember that most LED lighting types can be connected directly to the mains due to their voltage requirements differing slightly. Some of the connectors we sell come with additional accessories such as end caps and an extra tube of silicone. Note that even these connectors are suited to top and side bend lights, so make note of what you need!

Check the IP rating of some of our products to see how suitable they are for outdoor installation and for kitchen and bathroom setups. If you have purchased one of our waterproof neon flex lights then make sure that you also purchase a waterproof connecting wire to match. This can open up the possibilities of neon flex lights as they can sustain splashes and areas that may be more prone to additional damp or water ingress. A waterproof connector can help keep you and your LEDs safe from water damage.

Neon Flex Accessories from ArcLED

We strive to be a one-stop online LED shop for those seeking exciting and visually striking lighting solutions. However, it has to go beyond simply providing you with simply the lighting apparatus. As with all of our product ranges we ensure that we provide handy accessories, extras and add-ons that can further enhance your LED experience. We’ll always make sure to recommend the best products for you that either help to ease your experience when installing them or simply to make your lights look even better. Here, the products featured are essential LED neon flex extras which are needed to fit the lights.

As well as providing you with the products, we’re also ready with all of the know-how and knowledge required to get you the very best from these products. Even though we may only be talking about clips and connectors here; it can sometimes be helpful to get further clarification on a product type and its function. If you should need any advice or guidance on how to use any of the products listed then please do not hesitate to get in touch. You can ask us any questions and we’ll be more than happy to help where possible. For extra reference, why not check out our blogs for guides and how-to tutorials?