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Introducing our bendable LED tape series. This angular and flexible piece of LED equipment can enable you to use your lighting strips like never before. Create elegant and shaped backlighting thanks to these ultra-flexible LED strips. The ability to have and make use of more direct right angles can unlock even more potential for you when it comes to planning and designing exciting new lighting layouts. Bendable LED strips could be your ticket to a whole new type of lighting setup and design. Check out everything you need to know about this range of LED lights.

Please note that some regular lighting can be bent slightly, but this should be approached with caution due to the damage it could cause to the existing LED bulbs. This specialized bent LED tape is designed to bend without causing the bulbs and the circuits to be misshapen in any way. The material and the design allow for safe bending and more than what you would get with some of the standard tape options. 

Bendable LED Light Tape

This kind of LED tape light can certainly help you to create some interesting designs. The bendable nature of the lighting can make it suitable for installation around all kinds of different locations. However, before we focus too much on the functionality of the tape, we should also consider the finished look of the lights themselves. After all, bendable LED lights need to look just as good as regular LED lighting to help to achieve the standard effect.

Boasting high CRIs and high-quality bulbs, our bendable LEDs will produce an outstanding amount of light wherever you choose to install them. One of the things we always get asked is about the range of LED colours we offer. We think you’ll be delighted to know that our lighting comes in all kinds of different shades and colours to allow for even more different types of installation. Our range of bendable LED light strips expands across the entire range of colours for your choosing. Take a closer look at some of the more sought-after colour options right here:

  • Bendable RGB LED Strip: there’s also a great reason to add some more colour to your lighting setup. By having the possibility of adding an RGB finish alongside the bendy nature of the light you can access even more colour palettes for your environment. Thanks to the range of LED controllers we stock, you’ll be able to easily cycle through the entire colour spectrum. It’s certainly a popular pick that gives your lighting more variety.
  • Bendable White LED Strip: the most classic of LED looks more often than not includes brilliant white lighting. Once you’ve seen the crisp and clear finish of the bright white lighting, we’re sure that you too will see why! This, paired with the multi-use of the bending tape can lead to a standout lighting setup. Choose from the whole range of white colour temperature selection with everything from natural white to warm white and everything in between.

If the colour selection wasn’t enough and you’re after even more inspiration for styling and installation then we’ll certainly be able to help. We’re always adding more and more clients to our portfolio which not only means happy customers but more examples and inspiration for you to get stuck into. There are so many ways to style LED bendable lighting across the home, your business, or at your latest venue of choice. Take a look at some of the creative ways our lighting is being used by current clients to help you decide what kind of project you’ll be working your lights into. Whether it's wall, ceiling or floor we’re sure to be able to provide products that will open up all the possibilities. 

A common product to search for alongside this unique range of products is also to purchase a bendable LED profile. This range also comes highly recommended as they can be shaped to match the unique shape of the LED strip channel. We always recommend picking up an LED profile alongside some of our LED tapes. There are two main benefits to having a profile installed properly. The first is two provide the LED light tape with protection whilst it is installed. The second is that it can provide a better means of diffusing and spreading the light appropriately. If you’re choosing the best lighting in the business then make sure to show it off properly with some of the best equipment.

Bend LED Lights with Ease!

Our team is here and ready to help with any and every question you might have on how to properly bend LED lights. Remember that products like the ones listed are specifically designed to be bent at more severe angles and can manage with being manipulated into new shapes. Please do not attempt to bend or fold any kind of LED tape without first checking its suitability to be bent into place. The act of bending LED light strips can heavily damage the LED bulbs or the integrity of the connections so it's certainly worth making sure that you are choosing the correct kind of LED strips to bend into shape. If you do need help with the selection process, then make sure to use our Contact Us page.

Our Contact Us form is also the place to head if you are looking for a quote for a larger-scale lighting project. Our in-house team of electrical experts will be able to hook you up with all of the products you need to get started with your lighting. LED bending lights are just a smaller section of the lighting options and products we have available. In order to achieve a fully functioning LED setup, you’ll need to pick up the rest of the relevant products we have available. Let us guide you across our range to find everything from LED Drivers to LED Profiles & MountsLED Controllers to LED Accessories – you’ll find it all on our ArcLED website.