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Welcome to the new LED light section of ArcLED website. Here you’ll find our more recent product additions as well as the latest ranges to be added to the website. We are constantly searching for new and exciting products that we want to make readily available to our customers to expand installation possibilities and get the creativity flowing. In our newest LED light section, you will discover our latest finds and most up-to-date products. Be the first to find our newest and most exciting LED lights.

With everything from our brand-new LED lights to the latest exciting new add-on accessory; everything you could want and need is all here and ready to go! As soon as the product appears here it is readily available for purchase. As well as the product options available on the product page, always bear in mind that we have a bespoke LED lighting service ready and at your disposal. Get your latest LED lighting in custom, made-to-measure sizes! See our Contact Us page to get your own tailored quote.

New LED Lighting from ArcLED

We’re here to provide a wide variety of customers with the ability to use and install LED lights in their home. The home is the perfect place for LED tape installations as they can provide everything from ambience, emphasis to a splash of exciting colour. So, if you’re looking for the latest LED lights for home then you’ve come to the right place. You’ll find everything you need to collect all the equipment you’ll need for a home-based lighting setup. From the newest LED drivers to unique LED profile fixtures, there’s plenty that you’ll find that will tick the box in terms of latest lighting technology for homes.

Whilst you look through our store, be assured that all of our products are designed with top quality materials and everything including the new LED bulbs are designed for top performance and visual effect. If you are choosing to install LEDs into your home, business or venue, then you’ll be wanting the best and most recent LED lighting that is designed to last. Since we have a new and exciting range of the latest LED products you can be reassured that the lighting products you are choosing from will be kitted out with the most recent and innovative construction techniques designed to shine and to last.

As a top UK supplier of LED lighting tape and supplies, we’re always making sure that we are one step ahead of the game when it comes to new LED technology. The variation of products available on the lighting market is forever changing, and we are always working to provide you with the newest kinds of tech and gadgets that will help you get the very best from your LED lights. If there’s a new and exciting lighting innovation available on the market, we’ll be ready and waiting to make this product available for you. If this is what you’re searching for today then our new LED light section is the place to be.

One prime example of our stored develop with the times is our product range dedicated to integrating with recent technologies. This is certainly the case with our new LED tech that is compatible with smart home controllers and well as devices. As our homes and lives become more integrated with these kinds of technology, it is only natural for our lighting products to do the same. Some of our controllers such as our wireless and multi-zonal remotes are also compatible with new devices such as Amazon Alexa, making it easy to integrate your latest LED lighting into your everyday lives.

What's New with LED Tech

In order to bring you the latest and best-LED tech, we’re always teaming up with some of the biggest lighting brands in the current market. We only ever choose to work with brands that can offer our clients and customers a premium lighting experience. You’ll need to visit our LED brands section in order to see which new LED brands are joining the ArcLED website. Here are some of the newest LED brands available in our shop. This list will constantly be growing and we look forward to adding more and more.

  • Zigbee – offering LED controllers compatible with the latest smart home automated controllers.
  • Inspired Lighting – bringing you new and innovative lighting from the industry’s top designers.
  • U-Connect – smart LED motion sensors which can offer your installation a truly futuristic feel.

As well as these exciting and well-known brands we are also ensuring to keep atop of the latest product types by helping to develop our own-branded products. This ranges from our novel collection of new LED neon flex lighting to our bespoke range of LED pendant and ceiling lights. As well as quality, one of the main goals of our website is to offer variety to our customers; which we think is reflected in our new section. A larger variety means even more people can take advantage of our products. It also doesn’t restrict creativity and you can install your latest LED lights in a multitude of different ways. The sky is the limit!

If you’re wondering what’s happening with LED lighting news then make sure to check out our blog. We’re always updating our feed with topical and newsworthy posts about new LED additions in the collection as well as what else is happening in the lighting world. If you see a new product above them make sure to go ahead and find the best blog to discover a little more about the new LED range in question. Our blog guides will introduce you to the new product as well as giving you a little more insight into everything from styling that product to how best to install it. As well as these guides we’ll provide you with interesting news and the latest goings-on in the world of LEDs and lighting.