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When choosing great lighting brands, it’s fair to say that Zigbee products are a smart choice. One of the leading names in smart home automation scene; we are delighted to offer customers a range of products that help them to integrate this functionality into their LED lighting setups. Having the power of Zigbee home automation can completely alter and revolutionise the way you use and control your LED lighting. Let us tell you a little more information about one of the most exciting brands in our range.

When it comes to controlling LED lights, our store has plenty of options available. You can control your LED light strips with all kinds of remote controls, light switches, and even motion sensors. Yet just when you thought there would be no easier way to adjust and switch on your lights Zigbee’s smart home automation tech opens up even more possibilities. Their unique and innovative technology makes it possible to link your LED lighting to smart home devices such as your Amazon Alexa and Philips Hue.

There are a few lighting devices that you’ll need to make the smart home setup possible. Our range of Zigbee compatible products is there to make setup simple and easy. Here are just some of the products available in this selection:

  • LED Light Strip Controllers
  • LED Remote Controls
  • LED Wireless Smart Hubs

The combination of all these products means you can not only use your smart device, phone or tablet to turn your lights on and off, but you can use voice command and audio signals to control your LED lights. The Zigbee brand is by no means a new one, but the use of their technology to control LED light strips has only recently become popular – what’s stopping you from utilising this new and exciting LED tech? 

Zigbee Wireless LED Controllers

You may be wondering “what is Zigbee?”. This simple system creates a low-frequency radio signal that can be linked with multiple types of devices. This makes it easier to set up and connect all kinds of smart devices to give you even more wireless control. With some of our own-branded products included, we’re providing you with everything you need to take advantage of this useful ZigBee wireless system.

Here at ArcLED, we want to give our customers and clients the possibility of fully customising their lighting setups. By including some Zigbee devices in our range, we’ve made sure to go above and beyond our promises. Not only will you be able to install the perfect bespoke LED light strip setup, but you’ll have some of the most sophisticated technology on the market to control them with. Let’s take a look at some of the Zigbee controllers and products we have available in our online selection.

The Zigbee remote controls have a simplistic yet innovative design that’ll be easy to use without endless instructions and directions. Paired with our smart receivers, these Zigbee controllers are able to control multiple zones with their long-range signal and multi-functional setup. If you have LED strips in multiple rooms of your home or business, then you’ll have no problems using a Zigbee remote to use your lights successfully. Each remote comes with a magnetic wall bracket where you can stow it between uses.

As smart devices are already becoming a popular piece of technology to use in the home, Zigbee technology provides a great opportunity to link up even more of the processes in your home. You’ll be able to dim, switch off and alter the colour intensity of your LED lights with what is essentially a Zigbee light switch. We wholly recommend this product for use in high-end installations around the home.

Zigbee Lighting Products

As well as the range of remote controls available, you’ll want to make sure you pick up the ZigBee Easy Home gateway. This smart hub acts as the centre of all the Zigbee connections, as such, is an essential part of the setup. With a transmission range of up to 30 metres and the possibility of linking hundreds of devices, this device is sure to have everything covered. It’s a simple plug and play setup for this device so we are sure that you’ll find it easy to get you smart home automation up and running. 

This port is linkable to all kinds of LED light strips including single colour, RGB and colour temperature change. Once your Zigbee hub is linked to your smart device, phone or tablet; you will be able to change all kinds of settings on your lighting. The beauty of LED lighting is that it can be altered to change the mood of the room and of the surrounding environment. It’s always essential to be able to control the brightness, colour temperature intensity and the overall colour. 

Another benefit of using a smart LED controller is that you can save your favourite scenes and settings so its easy to cycle back to your favourite finishes. And now with the compatibility with all kinds of smart devices, you can even do this with your voice! Pairing the hub with our own-branded, Zigbee-friendly controllers makes it possible to complete the whole setup. If you have already got an Amazon Echo, Dot or Echo Plus, then you should certainly consider including a Zigbee control system in your plans.

For more information on Zigbee wireless systems and how you could work these products into your own projects then make sure to contact us for a quote, and for more information. We have a team of lighting specialists ready and waiting to answer all kinds of questions and queries on all of our branded items. As well as plenty of recommendations on getting the bespoke lighting setup we’ll be able to help with Zigbee setup as well as any troubleshooting that may arise. 

Make sure to check out more of our smart home automation product here and for more of the exciting LED brands available, make sure to see our dedicated bespoke LED lighting brands selection.