Flush/Semi Flush Fittings

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Streamline the look of your lighting fixtures with one of our flush LED lights. These thin-profile lighting options are a perfect way to step up the style of your space and, in some cases, give it a truly signature look. A huge advantage of including these lights in your design is that they can easily be worked into a variety of locations. Not only could you install these into the home, but you could even consider these for your place of work, business headquarters or even a venue. Want to find out more? Here’s all you need to know about the flush LED wall lights we have available. 

Flush Profile LED Lights

Flush lighting is a common choice of lighting in modern installations. The minimalist visual effect is a popular choice for those redecorating or renovating. We’ve seen these kinds of lights being installed everywhere around the home including kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and dining rooms. The bright, high-quality LEDs within our flush lights bring a lighter and airier feel to the installation space and can even make a smaller room seem even bigger. But where to install them? Here are the two most common locations:

  • Flush LED Wall Lights – the popularity of these lights lies within the finished look where the light appears to be floating on the wall. With all the wiring and fittings hidden behind the light itself, you can expect a high-end and clean look that will be right at home wherever you choose to install them. A seamless finish will certainly draw the eye and impress your guests! 
  • Flush LED Ceiling Lights – equally as popular, a seamlessly fitted ceiling light will easily disappear into the environment. The gorgeous light produced can give you the feeling of a skylight being filled with rays of sunshine. Some lights of this kind could be fitted within the plasterboard lights, however, with the striking wood finish of the Perranporth range, we're sure that you’ll want to show it off.

As well as the full flush lights, make sure check out the semi flush LED lighting we also have available. These differ from flush lighting as the fitted fixture (when installed) is not as close to the wall or ceiling surface where you install them. A semi flush light often has a little more breathing room between the fixture and the light. This means that visually, the lighting product is not quite as flush to the wall, but will still give a pretty streamlined effect. Check out the semi flush ceiling lights we have available to find out more about this lighting type.

If you’ve been searching for flush outdoor wall lights then not all of our products will be suitable. You will need to check the IP rating on every product provided to ensure that the light fixture you are looking to purchase is suited for installation and use in the great outdoors. In order to protect your wall lights and to avoid any electrical damage or mishaps, you must not install them on ceiling areas or walls that may be susceptible to damp or moisture ingress. Flush fitting wall lights must be fitted in clear and safe environments in order to work properly.

Flush Fitting Wall Lights from ArcLED Collection

As part of the ArcLED collection, our flush mount wall lights are designed with both practicality and style in mind. The ArcLED collection is comprised of our best and most stylish lighting options. Each range with the collection is named after a notable beautiful collection within the South West of England; where ArcLED is located! Included in every one of our flush fitting wall lights is the Perranporth range which joins lighter beech wood design with white colouring. The finished effect is designed to lighten a space and to bring out the softer touches in your space’s design. 

As many of the ranges we stock include different flush lighting types its’s more than possible to match your wall lights to your floor lamps for example. In this case, you could match any from the Perranporth range to your ArcLED pendant ceiling light, table lamps and floor lights. A fabulous bit of wood style lighting that can be complemented by other beech wood effect fixtures. Why not have them everywhere throughout your new space? The wooden effect provides a neat alternative from the more common industrial look you find in our lights. Go ahead and try a different style whilst maintaining the sought-after feel of contemporary wall lights

If you require any more assistance with the LED lights available here then make sure to contact us. Our team of LED experts and customer service agents will be ready to answer any of your questions. We can provide you with everything you may want to know about our products including wall lighting ideas. Installing LED wall lights for the first time may seem like a daunting task, so make sure that you have all the necessary guidance and instructions required for installation success! Did you know that we also offer a bespoke LED lighting service? Whilst mainly focused around the LED tape we sell; we see no reason to not offer you the capability to find and use flush wall lighting that is tailored to you.

If you would prefer a written guide on how to install wall lighting, then why not check out our LED blog? It’s filled with ideas, tips and tricks for all kind of lighting available from our online store. See a wide variety of products from our range being showcased and displayed either in our shop or in successful customer installations. There are so many ways to use our flush wall lights in can certainly be helpful to see how others may have chosen to design or style them in their own LED lighting projects.